Posted by Jennifer Aitken, Assistant Rotary Public Image Coordinator , Zone 32

The Rotary Brand Center has all of the tools you need! The Brand Center includes online, print, outdoor, and radio ads you can download to promote Rotary. The Brand Center is also home to all the materials you need to tell your People of Action story. People of Action is Rotary’s latest public image campaign......

Download the slogans to add to your own photos or use the scripts, templates and stock photos available from the Brand Center to share your club’s story.

  • Check out the Brand Center for tools you can use to:
  • Create your club logo
  • Design your club brochure
  • Give your Rotary flag or banner an updated look
  • Build or enhance your club’s website

Don’t have a large budget for promotional materials? Use social media to tell your club’s story. 

Consider these tips to maximize your club’s presence on social media!

  • Make sure your social media posts are directed to an external audience. Don’t use jargon or acronyms (RLI, PDG, DG, PETs, etc.) and be sure to include photos and videos.
  • Tag your photos and use hashtags that are relevant to the post. Consider using the People of Action slogans as hashtags.
  • Appoint a Public Image Chair and Committee.
  • Encourage club members to share, like, and comment on posts and photos. Be sure to tag your members in photos.
  • Link your social media accounts so that posts shared on one account are automatically shared to the other platforms.
  • Social media provides a great opportunity to acknowledge the sponsors of your fundraisers and other community partners who support your club’s service projects. Use social media to thank these partners and be sure to tag them in your posts.
  • Create Facebook events so that people can easily register for your events and sign up to volunteer for service projects. Events can easily be added to personal calendars and people will receive automatic reminders about events that they have expressed interest in attending.
  • Consider plotting out a 3-6 month social media calendar with pre-populated content, messages, and images. You can schedule the date and time you wish for Facebook posts to be shared in advance.
  • Be sure to include your club’s social media handles on all print and online materials. (newsletters, flyers, brochures, business cards, website, etc.).
Looking for other ways to share your club’s story and promote Rotary?

Don’t forget about Rotary Showcase and the Rotarian Magazine! Share your signature service project on Rotary Showcase and enter the Rotarian Magazine Photo Contest. Entering the photo contest provided the Rotary Club of Jersey City the opportunity to have an article published about the service project that was photographed for the contest entry. You can also write your own article and submit to the Rotarian magazine.

Don’t know what to do with your Rotarian Magazine once you have finished reading it? Cover the label with your personal information and display past issues in your office or request permission to display copies of the magazine and your club brochures in public places and waiting rooms (doctor’s office, banks, cafes, etc.).

Want to learn more about enhancing Public Image and sharing your Rotary story?

Reach out to your District 7070 Rotary Public Image Team.