Posted by Wade Nomura, 2019-2020 Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee Chair

Be sure to look for the Rotary name in public view and see how we promote, to over 70 million, our core values and signature service activities to the world when you see the Rotary Float into the Tournament of Roses Parade that will draw attention and make viewers ask “What is Rotary?”   For more details and see the progress of the float , read more.....

Message from Mark Daniel Maloney , 2019-2020 President, Rotary International

I love to hear people talk about Rotary, but there’s one phrase about us that I never like to hear – that Rotary does great work, but it is not for me. The truth is, Rotary is for everyone! We are the world’s most social, most inclusive, most people-friendly service organization. And we are proud to show it! I cannot think of a better way to show how Rotary Connects the World than to display our gregarious compassion and creativity on one of the world’s biggest stages, the annual Tournament of Roses Parade. Furthermore, I cannot think of a bigger honor than to ride on that float with my partner Gay. Thank you to everyone involved in creating this float and contributing to this tremendous opportunity. As we display to the world Rotary’s global mission, think of all the people who relate to this message and how we can make them part of Rotary’s growing family. I cannot wait to see you in Pasadena!


Message from Wade Nomura, Chair, 2020 Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee

Hello Rotary Rose Parade Supporters,

This year marks the 41st consecutive year we have entered a float in the Pasadena Rose Parade. Each year there are 700,000 spectators viewing the parade along the parade route and another 70 million plus that see it on television around the world.

This year we are planning on doing a number of things differently starting with following President Elect Mark Maloney’s (who will be on the Float with his wife Gay), theme of “Rotary Connects the World”. We will have coverage of our float in the major international Rotary magazines for the first time and will be inviting them to send participants for the Float. Our intent is to represent Rotary as the International organization it is and bring awareness to our international humanitarian efforts.

The Rose Parade theme of “The Power of Hope” will also be a major theme for our Float, as we will have our international partners also represented on the float as well.

2020 promises to be a Great year for Rotary, and we look forward to celebrating this with all of you.

Thank you for your support,

Wade Nomura
2019-2020 Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee Chair

Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee, Inc.
P.O. Box 92502
Pasadena, CA 91109-2502



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Does Rotary International pay for the float?

Rotarians, Clubs and Districts in the United States and Canada donate all of the money to pay for the float.

How are the contributions used?

Approximately 64% of the money raised goes to costs directly into building, decorating and entering the float in the parade. The balance of the funds raised pay for business, banking, insurance and other miscellaneous costs related to the float and hosting the RI President while attending the parade and other related activities. None of the money raised for float construction is spent on professional staff or committee perks.


Why do we enter a float in the Rose Parade?

Paul Harris said, “In the promotion of Rotary, it is important to reach large numbers and you cannot reach them privately.” Statistics have proven that when Rotary International and/or the Rotary Foundation creates public relations events and promotes Rotary membership increases as well as general knowledge of Rotary. By supporting the Float you can assist in a public relations effort to do BOTH! When Rotary International’s directors approved the first entry in the parade over 41 years ago, they saw in it an unrivaled opportunity to bring Rotary’s name into public view. They reasoned that an eye-catching float would capture the interest of network commentators and remind the world, of Rotary’s good works. And so it has! 

Last year the Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee had a viewing audience of 41 million households in the United States and 28 million households around the world in more than 243 countries/ territories  (2017 Tournament Statistics). The Tournament estimates that more than 700,000 are present live on the parade route, over 22,000 view the floats as they are decorated; and almost 122,000 view the post-parade floats.

For the 38th consecutive year the Committee again proudly presents its float to North America and the world. And each year, more clubs enthusiastically contribute financial support to this most important Rotary public relations project.


How are floats selected for entry into the Rose Parade?  

The Tournament of Roses selects applications for Rose Parade Floats carefully. There are about 40 floats in the Tournament of Roses Parade each year. Floats are sponsored by municipalities, community volunteer organizations and commercial sector. All floats must be designed within the theme of the Rose Parade which for 2020 is “The Power of Hope”. The Tournament of Roses must approve all float designs. We are fortunate to be to appear in the parade and are very proud to be a part of the prestigious Tournament of Roses New Year’s Day Parade.



How many people will see the float?

Nearly 70 million households see the Rose Parade, this year held on Wednesday, January 1, 2020. The Rose Parade is seen by an estimated U.S. audience of almost 37 million households and an estimated international audience of 28 million households in over 243 territories.  (2017 Tournament Statistics).  The Pasadena Police Department estimates that approximately 700,000 spectators view the Rose Parade in person. Another 89,000 visit the Parade Float Decorating Sites and/or the Post Parade Float Viewing Area where the floats are on display for two days. See the Viewing the Float and Parade page for additional information about viewing the float being decorated, in person on January 2 and on television


Past Rotary International President John Germ emphasized at his International Assembly the importance of telling the world about Rotary! Support the float which tells over 70 million throughout the world about Rotary -- easiest public relations project you ever tried!

We thank each of you for your past and continued support in time and donations. It is through your personal donations that will enable our 39th consecutive entry promoting Rotary into the Rose Parade. Please click the “Donate” button on their website to help fund the cost of this Float. Please visit this site often to read about our progress and upcoming events. Please also visit our Facebook page “Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee” to see how Rotarians enjoy the fellowship of producing award winning floats that promote Rotary to the World!