Posted by Michael Bell, PDG and Chair of District 7070 Rotary Foundation Committee and Past District Governor

In his December 2019 letter to Rotarians, as we enter our sixth month of the new Rotary year,  Rotary Foundation Month, Past District Governor Michael Bell, Chair of the District 7070 Rotary Foundation Committee, encourages every Rotarian to make a conscious effort to make a donation to The Rotary Foundation, whatever you can afford, to the Annual Programs Fund and to the PolioPlus Fund, and to the Endowment Fund, and urges everyone to honour Past District Governor Bill Patchett and give just a "Little More for Bill" as we all try to reach "A Mill for Bill".  He thanks Club Presidents and Club Rotary Foundation Chairs for attending the Annual District Rotary Foundation Dinner and he reminds us to spread the word one-on-one and through social media to the public that December 3 is Giving Tuesday and asks everyone to GIVE to The Rotary Foundation. There is more news in PDG Michael's letter........

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

Here we are in December 2019,  entering our sixth month of the Rotary year, when Rotary clubs and Rotarians are well on their way to achieving their goals for the 2019-20 Rotary Year. Thank you all for attending the Annual District 7070 Rotary Foundation Dinner in November, and congratulations to the many Clubs for remarkable achievements with their donations to The Rotary Foundation in 2018-19.  What better time is there than right now, to ask all Rotarians to achieve your club's goal and your own personal goal and continue to support our Rotary Foundation? 

Through The Rotary Foundation, you are making a difference in so many ways throughout the world. Rotarians do make the world a better place. It's your turn to show everyone that your donations to the Rotary Foundation and the humanitarian grants which can be performed because of the funds from the Rotary Foundation really do tell everyone that Rotary Connects The World.

December 3 is Giving Tuesday and it is an opportune time to ask all of your friends, neighbours , and business associates to GIVE on GIVING TUESDAY 2019 to The Rotary Foundation. Tell the world - one-on-one or through social media. 

Rotarians have long understood that our successes rely upon our continued passion for making a positive difference in our communities at home and around the world. This passion includes our time and energy as well as our financial contributions as we are able.

The Rotary Foundation has three funds available to us for making these contributions, the Annual Fund, the Polio Plus Fund and the Endowment Fund.

I am encouraging all Clubs in District 7070 to enter their Club's objectives into Rotary Club Central, for the 2019-20 Rotary Year. With 6 MONTHS left in this Rotary Year, now is the time to enter the goal and START MAKING YOUR DONATIONS TODAY. 

I  thank you all for your past donations and future donations into all of the funds of The Rotary Foundation. And a very special thank you for your continued support of our polio eradication efforts. We need to keep this $ support strong until the end. 

When you and your Rotary Club are raising funds this year for all of the funds of The Rotary Foundation, please try to give just a "Little more for Bill" in memory of Past District Governor Bill Patchett, who did so much to raise funds for The Rotary Foundation. Our goal from District 7070 for  2019-20 is $1,000,000.00 USD -  "A Mill for Bill" . Thank you.  

SAVE THE DATE: JANUARY 19, 2020: From 2 to 4 pm at the Best Western Hotel in Cobourg, we will celebrate Bill Patchett's Rotary life and his tremendous support for The Rotary Foundation, on the day of Bill's birthday, complete with a cake. This will be a greattime to bring your cheques to The Rotary Foundation as we remember him and donate just a little more for bill, this Rotary year.

Here is a Rotary Foundation Checklist for you and your Rotary Club to help you make your goals for 2019-20 to The Rotary Foundation:

Are your carrying out the plans that you put in place at the start of this Rotary year? 


Are your goals and plans and accomplishments in Rotary Club Central for 2019-20? Remember the requirements for the Presidential Citation.

Did you raise funds and get pledges for the September 8 - the District 7070 Rotary Foundation Walk at Humber College? Are they collected and donated. 



Has your Rotary Club committed for the 2019-20 Rotary year, to donate at least $ 1,500 per club to PolioPlus?  When are you and your club going to make that donation?  What is your goal? Are you doing a fundraiser in your community to help End Polio?  Did you know that Rotary International's goal is for EACH club to donate at least $1,500 this Rotary year to the PolioPlus Fund. Ask your Club President or your club Rotary Foundation Chair to set your club's goal. Has everyone in your Club, this Rotary Year, made that same commitment to personally donate at least $20.00 for the eradication of Polio - this year?  Again, this Rotary Year, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will match our contributions on a 2 for 1 basis. And we sure would like every Rotarian in District 7070 to do the same. Yes, we are very close! Perhaps you and your club participated in one or two of the many events on October 24, World Polio Day, that we had going on in our District. It is never too late to tell your friends and relatives to make a donation at



And I sure hope that your Rotary Club has set your goal for contributing at least $ 100.00 US for each member of your club for Annual Giving to the Annual Programs Fund of the Rotary Foundation for 2019-20. I hope all District 7070 Clubs that have already planned to make that donation to the Rotary Foundation and I hope that all of you will keep up the good work to reach your goal, this year . This is where we get our money for Grants. Last year, we did have 100% in commitments met.

I am asking all District 7070 Presidents to send their Club goals for 2019-20 to Past District Governor Ted Morrison, our District Annual Programs Fund Chair,  at,  as soon as you can. All  clubs in the District  need to get their goals to Ted and get them entered into Rotary Club Central. We thank you. What is the goal of the club?  Has your Club made plans to make that donation yet for this Rotary year?    Have YOU made that donation? Are your members making those donations? Have you made your donation?

On February 29, at the Whitby Library, we are going to have a Grants Qualification Seminar to get you and your club prepared for applying for grants, both Global and District grants. Be sure to sing up soon.



We want to reach our goal for this year and next. We would like to see $ 100.00 US from every member, in every Rotary Club. But if your members cannot reach that target, we understand. But can they donate some smaller amount? Wouldn't it be very special to see your Rotary Club with 100% of your members contributing something to the Annual Programs Fund? This is our commitment to the Every Rotarian Every Year Campaign of the Rotary Foundation - EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year).



Are there any prospective Major Donors in YOUR club or in YOUR community? Please let me know if you, or someone you know, wishes to take this next step to support Our Rotary Foundation. More than 100 years ago, Rotarians took bold action to ensure your success and the empowerment of generations still to come — they established The Rotary Foundation to secure a better future. Gifts to Rotary's Endowment ensure that future Rotarians will have the resources they need to design and implement sustainable projects year after year. Rotary strives to increase the value of your gift to the Endowment by preserving and investing your initial contribution and spending only a portion of the earnings. This strategy supports Rotary's causes today while generating funds that will further the work of future Rotarians committed to Doing Good in the World. When you give to the Endowment today, you can watch as the value of your gift grows and investment earnings improve communities. You can secure your vision for the future by including a commitment to the Foundation in your will or estate plan. The Trustees of the Rotary Foundation have set a goal to get the Endowment fund to $2.5 billion US Funds by the year 2025. 

While Rotary is a major player partnered with the Gates Foundation for the eradication of Polio, Rotary is asking clubs to be in a position to partner with other NGO’s on projects that currently fall beyond the means of our District or Global Grants programs. Accordingly, they have created the Major Gifts Initiative for each of our six areas of focus. District 7070 is leading the way. We are encouraging your club, again this Rotary year, to consider the new pilot project between clubs in District 7070 and CUSO International to purchase birthing kits for Ethiopia to enhance mother and child health, another one of the six areas of focus of The Rotary Foundation and we are close to meeting our goal.

If you have not yet participated, please contact me, if your club can make that commitment. 

A number of District 7070 Rotarians have traveled to Ethiopia to see the results and help distribute the kits. The June 2019 edition of this District Newsletter told the story of our trip.

Many thanks to all of you for your support.



District 7070 Foundation Chair -  Email: