Posted by Lars Henriksson, Past District Governor and Chair of the District 7070 Visioning Team

Rotary Clubs, like any other organizations, need to have a plan for where they are heading. In order to assist Clubs to develop a vision, the District has a team of experienced Rotarians who can facilitate visioning sessions. Since we started the program, five or six years ago, close to 40 Cubs have held sessions. A few Clubs have held two or three sessions, up-dating their vision on a regular basis. Does your club need vision? Find out more right here.......


Why do we need vision?  Visioning facilitation helps a Rotary Club to develop its own vision and then sets out the steps necessary to achieve that vision. It is worth noting that the result is not a vision set out by the District or Rotary International. Instead, the result is a vision designed and endorsed by the Club’s own members. This vision will help to ensure consensus, continuity, and consistency in the Club leadership and programming, to set the stage for future progress.

Further contact:  If you are interested in holding a Visioning facilitation in your Club, or just have questions in general, please contact PDG Lars Henriksson, tel. 416-489