Why do people join Rotary? What makes them stay in their clubs, and what makes them leave? Rotary conducts the Membership Experience Feedback Survey every year to better understand the needs, interests, and engagement of Rotary’s membership. The survey gives insights on each stage of membership — prospective, current, and resigned. In this issue and each of the next two issues, we’ll feature survey results for a different membership stage........

This issue spotlights survey results about Rotary’s prospective members:  

•    Prospective members join Rotary for local and international service, as well as personal and professional development.
•    Awareness of and introductions to Rotary begin much earlier than interest in membership.
•    Half of membership candidates have a personal connection to a Rotarian. 
•    People are aware of Rotary, their impressions are positive, and there is strong interest in Rotary membership. 
•    Younger, diverse professionals and business leaders are attracted to Rotary.
•    Barriers to joining Rotary clubs include not being invited, cost and time constraints, and unmet expectations.  

Read more about the survey results and learn how you can help create positive early experiences for prospective members in the Prospective Members Executive Summary. The summary has links to resources and offers access to the full survey report.