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District 7070 Club Insurance

Your club insurance is provided as part of a group insurance policy that is common to most Rotary Districts and Clubs in Canada.  A committee of Rotarian insurance professionals from across Canada is empowered to arrange this coverage and keep it current.  This program provides consistent coverage and pricing for all Districts and Clubs participating in this program.

A few clubs in the district have special insurance needs that are looked after by additional coverage for that club alone.  If your club is interested in obtaining additional coverage, please contact our insurance liaison listed below so it can be added onto your insurance on either a temporary or permanent basis.


March 9, 2023 Insurance Is Fun 101 - District 7070 Presentation to Rotary Club Treasurers by Rachel Boyd, Bowmanville Rotary Club President:

On March 9, 2023 District 7070 Treasurer Larry Whatmore introduced Rachel Boyd who presented the major elements of our club insurance policy.  Take a look at the column on your left at review the video and the powerpoint  presentations both entitled "March 9 2023 - Insurance is Fun 101". Thank you to Larry and Rachel.


Your Insurance Policy

Your coverage documents consists of:

  1. your club's certificate of insurance, which is emailed to your club president in August each year, which sets out the coverage limits that apply to your club.

  2. the Master Policy, forms, and endorsements, (click on the links at left to get these) which indicate coverage details.


The Master Policy contains four main sections:

  • Property Insurance Floater  $25,000 limit

  • Crime Insurance  $30,000 limit

  • General Liability Insurance  $5,000,000 limit with a $10,000,000 aggregate; coverage for Abuse is included with a sublimit of $1,000,000

  • Directors and Officers Insurance  $3,000,000 limit


Proof of Coverage & Adding a Named Insured

Your club's certificate of insurance is usually sufficient to prove that you have coverage.

Sometimes an organization where you are holding a function may ask to be added to the policy as an additional insured.  This can be done easily and in most cases at no cost by contacting our broker.


Kelsey Schaafsma
Registered Insurance Broker
Commercial Lines CSR and Rotary Program Administrator

Phone:  (519) 863-2014
Fax: (519) 863-2015


Click on the link "Special insurance Coverage Requests" under Related Pages at the left to get the form you need to complete and send to our broker.


Liquor Liability

The General Liability section of the policy includes coverage for liquor-related activities, as long as they are fundraising events or social events.


Stage Rentals

The General Liability section of the policy provides $1,000,000 coverage for stage rentals provided that:

  • the rental is for Rotary’s sole use

  • the stage rental company provides proof of insurance for $2,000,000 and names the Rotary Club as an additional insured on a Certificate of Insurance for the event.




There is no marine insurance in force; however, there is liability coverage for watercraft under the following circumstances:

  • the watercraft is not motorized

  • if motorized the watercraft is only being used for safety purposes during a dragon boat practice or race

  • the watercraft is less than 16 metres long (except for the two above conditions)

  • the watercraft is not being used to carry persons or property for a charge


Your Insurance Premium

The total insurance premium is billed to the District.  The District Treasurer pro-rates the invoice to each club based on the number of active members at the time the coverage is bound (usually in mid-May).  The insurance premium is added to the club levies invoice, which is issued by the District Treasurer each July. 


 "Insurance Is Fun 101"video and powerpoint presentation by Bowmanville Rotary Club President Rachel Boyd:

On March 9, 2023 our District Treasurer Larry Whatmore asked Rachel Boyd to give us a good look at our club insurance and  how it works. Please take a look at the left hand column for the powerpoint presentation entitled "March 9, 2023 Insurance Is Fun 101 - ppt" and her video presentation to club treasurers and interested club executives in the form of a You Tube Video (which is also on the Rotary District 7070 You Tube Channel) entitled "March 9, 2023 Insurance Is Fun 101 - video".


If You Have Questions:

For clarification about coverage, please contact:

Rachel Boyd

Rotarian and Insurance Liaison

(905) 213-8310


For any other questions, please contact:

Larry Whatmore

District Treasurer

(416) 562-2101