Is your club participating in Rotray Youth Exchange for the 2020/2021 Rotary year?  Let us know by registering here.  

The deadline to have your clubs selected Outbound Rotary Youth Exchange Student enter their application in YEAH is Saturday December 15th by 8:00 p.m. 

Want to CONNECT THE WORLD through Rotary Youth Exchange? 

Here's what to do to meet the deadline......

1) Connect with your local schools (Sept-November)

2) Provide information (See attached example recruitment poster and information brochure - download and edit)

3) Interview and select your student - Have them enter their application into YEAH (click here and send them the link or visit www.rotary7070.org, Youth Services, Youth Exchange, Apply Here)

4) Ensure your club has a Youth Exchange Officer/Coordinator a Club Youth Exchange Councelor and a minimum of two to a maximum of four host families.  Ensure your host families have entered their application - click here and send them the link. 

Need more information?  email Jason Pole and/or Deb Murray at rye.d7070@gmail.com