Contact: Deb Murray
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Ganaraska Forest Centre
10585 Cold Springs Camp Road
Campbellcroft, ON  L0A1B0

Youth Exchange Students gather at Ganaraska Forest Center for a three day Canadian and international experience.  Current inbound students who arrived last fall have the opportunity to meet with the newly selected outbound students from District 7070 who will be venturing on exchange this upcoming fall.  

During this event, both parents and outbound students are presented with experiences of students on exchange and learn about rules, time lines and exchange expectations.  Current exchange students will share and "sell" their country while they present to the new outbound students. 

There are many winter activities and fun for all.  By the end of the experience, new friends will be made and outbound students will know what country they are going on exchange too.  For further details on this event contact the chair of Youth Exchange.

This is a Manditory event for both inbound and outbound students.