Contact: Susan Hunter

Rotary Leadership Institute 

Join us for an engaging session to learn and grow your knowledge of Rotary.  RLI is a three part course.  Each part consists of three sessions.  

RLI Part 3 - Fall 2021 - Wednesday Nov 10th, Wed Nov 17th, Wed Nov 24th - all from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

You are encouraged to complete RLI Part 1 through Part 3 and must do so in sequence. 

All RLI sessions for the 2021/2022 Rotary year will be conducted via zoom.  Registered attendees will receive an email with the zoom link on the day of your learning.  

Topics covered in RLI Part 3 include:

Strategic Planning I can strengthen my club by promoting and leading insightful planning and analysis. Looking at my Rotary club, how can I help make improvements that will matter?

Foundation III: International Service As I further my Rotary journey, I can build connections around the world, helping meet needs, solve problems, and build peace.

Public Image & Public Relations I further my Rotary journey, I will identify opportunities to promote the image of my club and Rotary to the benefit of my community and world.

Building A Stronger Club A new (and old) look at business related activities in your club.

Making a Difference As I further my Rotary journey, I will help assess my own experience and growth through RLI and help improve the path for others to follow.