Contact: Susan Hunter

Rotary Leadership Institute 

Join us for an engaging session to learn and grow your knowledge of Rotary.  RLI is a three part course. Each part consists of three sessions.  

RLI Part 2 - Wednesday Oct 13th, Wed Oct 20th, Wed Oct 27th - all from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

You are encouraged to complete RLI  Part 1 through Part 3 and must do so in sequence. 

All RLI sessions for the 2021/2022 Rotary year will be conducted via zoom.  Pre-registered attendees will receive an email with the zoom link on the day of your learning.  

RLI Part 2 – The Club

“I bet one common goal in this room is that you are looking for success. Success as a club President! Success for your Club! But stop – take a look at your hands. The success of your Club is entirely in your hands.”  Rotary International President, 1992-93, Cliff Dochterman, “As I Was Saying…” A collection of Favorite Speeches and Articles.

Topics covered in Part 2 include:

Rotary Opportunities As I further my Rotary journey, I can explore the many opportunities available within Rotary for personal, community and professional growth and development.

Effective Leadership Strategies As I further my club members in their Rotary journey, I will engage in more complex and skillful use of my leadership skills and seize opportunities to lead.

Attracting Members I can lead and promote my club‛s reexamination of its distinctive position in my community and the quality of members we attract. I want to work with the best people!

Club Communication I can serve by leading and promoting effective communications to my club‛s internal and external audiences. Refine and practice your skills.

Team Building  I can lead and promote my club‛s collaboration in effective and motivated groups to accomplish our goals of service. Harness the real power of Rotary clubs and Rotarians!

Foundation II: Targeted Service I can lead and promote my club‛s participation in unique, significant and targeted service opportunities through our Foundation. Understand the key concepts of Rotary programs!