Contact: Susan Hunter

Rotary Leadership Institute 

Join us for an engaging session to learn and grow your knowledge of Rotary.  RLI is a three part course and each part consists of three 2 hour sessions. 

RLI Part 1 - Spring 2022 - Wed Feb 9th, Wed Feb 16th, Wed, Feb 23rd all from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.  

You are encouraged to complete RLI  Part 1 through Part 3 and must do so in sequence. 

All RLI sessions for the 2021/2022 Rotary year will be conducted via Zoom videoconference.  Registered attendees will receive an email with the zoom link on the day of your learning.  


RLI - Part 1 - The Rotarian

“The formation of a new club brings change to the old club, forces the existing club to look at its “conventionalities” and often brings about positive change. A newly created club forces its “older” club to become better.  Everyone benefits – the community, Rotary International, new members and existing members – from the formation of new Rotary clubs.”
                      Paul P. Harris, In his address to the 1930 Rotary International Convention

Welcome & Introduction to RLI

Topics covered in Part I include:

My Leadership In Rotary As a Rotarian, I am, by definition, a leader. Join us as we explore the characteristics of leadership, motivational techniques, and leadership styles. How do I best lead?

My Rotary World As a Rotarian, I am part of a worldwide organization of like-minded people. Take some time to truly understand the purpose and structure of Rotary. Can these resources help me?

Ethics and Vocational Service I am ethical, recognize and promote ethics in others, and seek opportunities to serve through my vocation. You can see that I am a Rotarian.

Foundation I: Our Foundation I am “doing good” in my local community and around the world. Learn about the basic goals and programs of our Foundation. I am a force for good in the world!

Engaging Members I make my club and Rotary stronger by my active participation. Engaged club members have fun, make friends, and effectively serve. This is why I joined Rotary!

Creating Service Projects I am a vital part of a worldwide service organization of business, professional and community leaders meeting needs in communities. I can build, run and promote service.