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Scarboro Golf and Country Club
321 Scarborough Golf Club Rd,
Scarborough, ON  M1J 3H2

As the diligent amongst you may already have blocked when the District Calendar was released earlier in the year, Wednesday, October 11th is scheduled to be the first District Advisory Board meeting of the 2017-18 Rotary Year.  (Location has moved.)

This year, we’ve restructured and streamlined the district organisation structure.  (All on our website – including a visual org chart.)  This remains a work in progress, and will be further tightened as we bring our by-laws up-to-date.

Part of that was disbanding the old DAB structure, which often resulted in a lot of people in a room giving reports.  The feeling was this could (and should) be tightened, and perhaps we could make more effective use of people’s time.

That said, I’d like to invite everyone on this email to the first DAB.  The main objective will be to discuss the DAB itself, and how it should be structured moving forward.  Don’t worry about specific reports per se – this is a roundtable and structural discussion meeting.

It will be a dinner meeting, cash payment based on what you wish to eat/drink (or not).

Look forward to seeing you there.