Make a Community Health Difference

Join members of Rotary as we walk to make a Community Health Difference.

We have transformed our annual Rotary District 7070 Poker Walk for HIV/AIDS in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. And we are excited to share this transformation with you!

The 2021 Rotary AIDS & Community Health Walk allows teams to raise funds for the fight against HIV/AIDS and to support Canadian charities that increase the overall health of our communities.

Last year you may remember we had to go to a virtual event.  It went incredibly well and for what we hope will be only one more year, we are virtual again.  Funds raised this year will go to great causes:
Planning a walk of your own?  It can be in your own living room, your own garden, or....?  All we need is a brief video of you walking - it can be a silly walk, a sideways walk, a dancing walk, a backwards walk - use your imagination.  Just be sure to get at least a minute or two of your walk on video  and post on the site.
Then, you can start encouraging your friends to sponsor you! 
To sign up as a member of our team and get more ideas of how you can be part of our great Virtual Walk, or donate to one of our team members,  click here

Instead of our usual walk, this year’s event will  once again take place all over. You can walk in your house or apartment, in your backyard or neighbourhood – anywhere that you feel safe and are allowed to be!

The location and timing are up to you as is the style of walk. You can:

  • Silly walk, power walk, riff walk…
  • Walk sideways, walk backwards, walk on your hands…
  • Dress up, dress down, dress in red…

On Thursday September 30th we’ll get together online at 7:00 p.m. and share video clips of our walks in a very special YouTube celebration. Visit our event website for details and submit your short walk video today!