Prince Kumar , our District 7070 Strategic Planning Chair, has set up a Marketing & Membership Apprenticeship Program.  Super Charge your Club’s Public Image & Membership with hands on tools and strategies.  President Elects, Membership and Marketing Committee Members - as Rotary or Rotaract Club members are you interested in increasing your membership, awareness and online fundraising?  Learn tried practices that have been game changers in Rotary.  A three part series - 90 minutes sessions each from 6:30 pm to 8 pm, where you will get a chance to setup and learn tools and techniques that simply work. 

Part 1 – Introduction & setup the tools for your Club – Thursday Mar 23
Part 2 – Test the tools - Thursday April 13
Part 3 – Accelerate your Marketing - Thursday May 18
What you’ll learn: How to attract more members, a redefined new member process, how to do social media posts effectively, how to save as a non-profit or charitable Rotary or Rotaract club.  Apply the newly learnt skills and watch the magic unfold in 2023-2024!
We’ll practice: Social Media strategies;; Create a Join Us button & form; Create & be ready to post on your social media live with Canva and more;  Did you know you can use Artificial Intelligence to help?
Skills needed: Basic computer and social media skills are helpful