Our District newsletter is meant to keep everyone in our Rotary family up to date on news from the Rotary world and from the clubs and from the various committees in District 7070. Please keep our family informed. Make sure they get a copy. The deadline for your story submissions is always 4 days prior to the end of the month. Please read more .......

Please send your stories to our District  Public Image Chair, Dave Andrews at  dave.f.andrews99@gmail.com

A suggestion to the District Advisory Council, Assistant Governors and Committee Chairs : Tell everyone about what your committee is doing and how the clubs can connect with you. 

A suggestion to Club Presidents: There is a place in the Newsletter for News from Clubs. What have you accomplished that you would announce to everyone in the District? (Please note that we would love to see your "accomplishments", not "fundraisers" and not "cheque presentations"). 

Thanks everyone!