Here are a few ideas from Rotary International for strengthen Rotary's brand...

Making Rotary's public image a priority:

As a Rotary public image advocate, you help others understand who we are and how we make a difference. Publicizing your club’s efforts and sharing the impact you make helps attract members, volunteers, and donors. Thank you for making public image a priority and strengthening Rotary's brand.

Brand News is a newsletter about public image and branding sent quarterly to Rotary leaders. If you know someone who would like to receive it, please have them write to

New resources on the Brand Center
The Brand Center is continually updated with new materials to help you promote your club! You’ll find tips on raising awareness of Rotary, ready-made print and digital ads, images, videos, audio clips, templates to download, and more. These resources allow you to create messages that show your community that Rotary members are people of action making a difference.

Some exciting recent additions include:
Three instructional videos that lead you through creating your club logoPeople of Action ads, and your club brochure
Hundreds of new photos showing people of action
Updated graphics for Rotary Youth Exchange and Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
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Create stronger messages
Whether you’re posting on social media, inviting community members to volunteer with you, or speaking at an event, you’ll get more people to take action by using precise words and clear examples. Our Communication Guide, inspired by Rotary’s Action Plan, offers advice for clear and effective messaging, such as:

Be specific: Inviting community members to “serve meals to hungry children” is more accurate and compelling than asking them to “defeat hunger.”

Be inclusive: It’s easier for people to imagine themselves getting involved with Rotary when you refer to “members and participants” rather than to “Rotarians.”

For additional guidance and more concrete examples of powerful communications, read our Communication Guide and be inspired!
Use the Communication Guide

Licensed products protect Rotary's brand
Did you know that you can strengthen and protect the Rotary brand simply by purchasing merchandise from Rotary’s approved and licensed vendors? More than 100 of these vendors around the world are ready to supply your club with Rotary-branded merchandise, such as T-shirts, hats, club supplies, and more. Buying merchandise from licensed vendors increases our brand recognition and protects Rotary’s trademark rights. Learn more about licensed vendors and merchandise in the Brand Center.
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Rotary in the media
Are you familiar with the Rotary Press Center page? It gives you access to news articles and TV reports about Rotary in major English-language media outlets! Use material from the Press Center to introduce Rotary to potential members and show it to people in your club who may not know about it. By promoting stories about Rotary, you raise awareness about our work and highlight the attention our members have received by having their work recognized in the media.
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What's your story?
Tell us how your club is making a difference and improving lives locally and globally. Your project may be featured in an upcoming Rotary publication.
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